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Welcome to Divine Mother Magic. Please allow me to introduce you to someone very, very special... 

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You Have a 
Divine Mother

Your personal Divine Mother is unique to you.


She is a deep well of support and wisdom and the embodiment of all maternal energy belonging to your soul that transcends all time and space. Your personal Divine Mother offers you a path toward growth, transformation, and unconditional love. 

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What is Divine Mother Magic?

It is the Comfort, Wisdom, and Healing from Your Divine Mother.


Your Divine Mother is one of Spirit's most powerful healers. She uses this power to transform your journey and guide you through life's ups and downs, providing you with the tools and support you need to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

"Wow! I never knew I had a Divine Mother, yet the moment we connected... I felt like my heart and soul were coming home. Mama Sunny suggested I let her embrace me and facilitated the process. All I can say is that tears were streaming down my face. Thank you for introducing us Mama Sunny. I will treasure my relationship with her forever!"

TRudy D.

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Meet Mama Sunny

Mama Sunny is the heart and soul of Divine Mother Magic and a psychic channel with the ability to connect with your very own Divine Mother. She helps facilitate this process for you in various ways throughout her work. Mama Sunny's warm "mothering" energy is safe, soft and always just what you need to feel better. Her natural psychic empathy always helps her following of clients feel seen, loved and understood.

"Mama Sunny's energy feels like a warm hug from a mother figure, every time. She is a natural empath and her intuitive insights are spot on. Mama Sunny introduced me to my Divine Mother. It was incredible! My Divine Mother knew what messages I needed to hear. I am now working with her, especially in places I feel vulnerable. I am so deeply touched by the work I'm doing with Mama Sunny that I'm telling all of my friends about it!"

Tana N.

Receive Divine Mother Magic


Divine Mother
Psychic Readings
with Mama Sunny

Topics can include Love, Finance, Career, Life Purpose, Mediumship, Spirit Guides and Decision Making and more.

Spirit Mother Life Coaching
with Mama Sunny

Achieve total transformation with Mama Sunny with the nurturing, guidance, and support you need to reach your full potential

Divine Mother
Reiki Session
with Mama Sunny

Reiki energy with an infusion of "motherly love." A session with Mama Sunny is the calming, steady healing you need.

Monthly Retainer
Multi-Service Packages
with Mama Sunny

Retain Mama Sunny and receive the absolute best value for your Divine Mother Psychic Readings and Healing Sessions.

What Their Saying About meeting Their
Divine Mothers.

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Wow! Incredible reading, Mama Sunny. Thank you so much for the beautiful reference to my father. Of course my Divine Mother would know to bring him in. I miss him so much and it touched my heart to hear from him.

Taylor M..

I thought I was just receiving a psychic reading, but oh my this was so much more! You were perfect to have my very first reading with. Honestly, I was scared at first. But your loving approach was so gentle and now I get to work with my beautiful Divine Mother.

Drea A.

Ok, so I'm totally telling my friends about you. Our phone reading was profound, like actually! I have never seen something so powerful as my Divine Mother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to her. I'm so glad we did this!

Edith G.

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